Quality and Honesty

Quality and Honesty

TCW – Top Quality

At CoCo Works, Our Core Values are:

  • Ethical Sourcing and Fair-Trade Policy
  • To follow Good Manufacturing Practices and business practices
  • Alignment to Sustainability
  • The right to healthy food

While our consumers enjoy our mouth-watering beverages, we work tirelessly in the background to ensure our drinks are made with utmost quality and ethos. At CoCo Works, all the practices right from procurement, production and dispatch are done in the most ethical and fair means.

Our fight is against adulteration of food. Being an FMCG producer, we have put stringent check points and regulations for ourselves, to maintain a high standard. Our production and storage units have been set up in ‘green zones’ – meaning, there is no contact with industrial pollutants in these areas. All the elements involved in the production procedure including the air, water and the facility are completely pure. The facilities themselves are HMDA-approved, with all the necessary safety measures in place.

Our employees are regularly screened for communicable diseases and follow stringent steps of cleanliness before entering the production unit. They are all well-trained in the production and safety procedures to be followed while inside the units.

Our drinks are made in highly safe environments, with 100% compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.

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