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Pure, Natural, Healthy

Fun and healthy – the two words that strike our mind when we think of Roligt Foods Pvt Ltd. Inspired from the Swedish word ‘roligt’ meaning ‘fun’, the idea behind Roligt Foods is just that - to make healthy food, fun. We believe access to healthy food is every person’s right. In today’s times, an acute nutrition deficit is rampant among both - people living in abundance and scarcity. This can be tracked down to unavailability of high-nutrition foods that can easily be accessed and consumed. At Roligt Foods, we aim to disrupt that.

We have taken on the challenge to make healthy food great again. Coupled with highly ethical practices and non-boring alternatives, we hope to change the way consumers think about healthy food and beverages.

About Imageroligt

CoCo Works

Health, Delight and Responsibility – that is what you get with just one sip of CoCo Works beverages. Sourced, made and distributed with love, CoCo Works brings to you - a range of healthy eats and drinks made to uplift you instantly.

Owing to our fast-paced and sedentary lifestyles, access to unhealthy foods is easier, compared to healthier alternatives. This got us thinking – if people were presented with fun, delicious, ethically sourced healthy alternatives as opposed to foods that only make tall claims, wouldn’t that make life easier? That became the starting point for CoCo Works.

We share a common aim with our parent company Roligt Foods Pvt Ltd. At CoCo Works, we believe access to healthy food is every person’s right. To infuse health with taste ethically has been our motto – so our consumers choose health, and still satisfy their palates. Our aim is for every individual to have easy access to healthier alternatives and options, so making a better choice becomes as easy as possible.

In the world of carbonated soft drinks..
Be someone's sweet coconut water..

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