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Roligt Foods Pvt. Ltd. presents to you Coco Works, India’s premium coconut-based food & beverages brand. Choose amongst a range of healthy drinks made with utter love and responsibility, to uplift you instantly. We are committed to make healthy food, fun and we believe access to healthy food is every person’s right. To infuse health with taste ethically has been our motto – so our consumers choose health, and still satisfy their palates.
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We call it TCW-Tender coconut water as true caring water......and that's why we have explored the length and breadth of the country to find you the best Indian tender coconuts direct from farmers who make an extra effort to do ethical farming, processed through the best way technology could offer:Cold filtration(Never heat pasteurized ,never frozen,not made stable by adding preservatives/chemicals)-giving you the best nutribeverage nature could offer,packed in the most sustainable way(because we aim to deliver to your grandchildren too!!)...
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Tender Coconut

cold filtered tender coconut water, no preservatives, no sugar/glucose, never heat treated/pasteurized


cold pressed pineapple with TCW& organic honey

The Dark Knight

Dark chocolate & TCW

Juzz Beat It

cold pressed beetroot,apple.with TCW,ginger,lemon& organic honey

Popeye’s Punch

cold pressed spinach,apple with TCW,black pepper,lemon and organic honey

CoCo Granade

cold pressed pomegranate with TCW,cardamom& organic honey

Pink Panther

cold pressed watermelon with TCW,Basil


cold pressed carrot,apple with TCW,ginger and organic honey

Go Guava Gone

gauva blended with TCW,green chilli,black salt& organic honey

Purple Haze

cold pressed black grapes with TCW & organic honey

Mango Smoothie

carbide free mango pulp blended with TCW, coconut malai and organic honey

Cocochoco Smoothie

dark chocolate,TCW,coconut malai

Cocofee smoothie

cold brew coffee,vanilla extract, TCW, coconut malai

Health Guaranteed!
As being healthy is your right!

Beverages formulated on WHO recommendations of free sugar consumption

We use organic honey in select recepies

No Preservatives

No Added Sugar

No Plastic

No Added Flavour

Never Heat Treated

Never Heat Pasteurised

To stay Hydrated!

Choose amongst our range of periodic subscriptions and let us deliver 'healthy beverages' on a daily basis, right at your door step.

Want to try us out....Order one time..

Want to try us out....order one time..


Weekly Home Subscription

Weekly Home Subscription


2 Weeks Home Subscription

2 Weeks Home Subscription


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Monthly Subscription


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Fresh from the coconut

Founded by pediatrician , Coco Works’ focus is to make the healthiest cold-pressed beverages along with coconut water, which they claim are 100% pure and natural.

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Mother Nature’s sports drink.

Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes.

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At Sunday Soul Sante, Hyderabad

As heat soars with the upcoming summer season in India, we have placed a stall at Sunday Soul Sante, one of the popular expos organised in South India.

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Coco Works is a beverage brand that creates nutritious and healthy beverages with the main ingredient as coconut water. I got the opportunity to try out a couple of their drinks (by invite). Go Guava Gone has fresh tender coconut blended with guavas, green chilly, organic salt and honey. It provides you with minerals and vitamins. Coco Grenade has fresh tender coconut blended with fresh pomegranates, cardamom and organic honey. This will help you keep fatigue away. Pina Colada is sweet inside and sassy outside. This has fresh tender coconut water blended with tangy and sweet pineapple and organic honey. The Tender Coconut water will off course keep you hydrated like a pro.

Swati @swati_nandyb
Instagram Review     
Akanksha Addepally

This is the perfect place to visit.So in a brief this place provides a beverage which is based of coconut water and combined with a fruit.Doesnt it sound amazing? I have tried their coconut water,guava,pineapple and pomogrenate. Must try-Pomogranate-Super refreshing and healthy Price-✅ Quality and quantity-✅ They are available on zomato and swiggy too, Go visit them or order them👍

Akanksha Addepally Food Blogger
     Zomato Review
Ruthwik Kumar

As it feels summer is already here, first thing that gets in mind in summer is Coconut Water - as It's healthy but now in the recent times everyone is adulterating coconut water. Coco works comes to the rescue by getting them without any adulteration to public and who doesn't love to consume Coconut Water with Natural flavors? Like Coffee, Chocolate, Guava, Pineapple, Grapes, Watermelon!!! Sounds really good right? Cocoworks got Some really interesting Natural Flavoured Coconut Water and My personal favourite among the list of natural flavoured Coconut Water : Chocolate, Pineapple, Watermelon

Ruthwik Kumar nom.nom.foodie
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